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Thermoplastic Piping Division Contact Information
F.W. Webb Company : Thermoplastic Piping Division
98 Lindbergh Avenue, Methuen, MA 01844
  Phone: Outside of MA: 800-343-7555 • In MA: 781-395-9023
  Fax: Outside of MA: 800-232-8726 • In MA:781-395-2329
Sales Specialist Dave McGlynn 781-325-7084 dmg@fwwebb.com
Sales Specialist Ian Power 781-325-7082 ian@fwwebb.com
Sales Specialist John O'Brien 781-325-7091 johno@fwwebb.com
Sales Specialist Patrick Coutermarsh 781-325-7087 pec@fwwebb.com
Sales Specialist   Dave Prunier   508-407-7476   prun@fwwebb.com
Sales Specialist   Mike Backus   201-414-9161   mbac@fwwebb.com
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