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Plastic Fittings
Plastic Fittings

F.W. Webb is a distributor of all types of plastic and custom-designed pipes in the country. We have built a reputation as a reliable distributor of pipe, valves and fittings. Our aim is to provide the industry with a wide range of quality products at competitive prices. Our customer oriented policies and high quality products have helped us to become the number one source for plastic piping products.

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Asahi/America - Harvel - Ameron - Zurn - Spears - Chemtrol

Fittings in Schedule 40, Schedule 80, Drainage DWV, Fabricated & Low-Pressure.

Fiberglass - CPVC - PVC - Polyproplene - Black Polypropylene - natural Polypropylene - Red and Natural PVDF ( Kynar ). Clear PVC, Gray Industrial PVC

Compressed Air Fittings - Dual Containment Fittings - High Purity Fittings - Ultra Pure Fittings, Threaded Fittings, Pressure Fittings, Unions, Joints, Flanges, Tank Adapters, Expansion Joints, Saddles, Transition Fittings & Adaptors, Insert Fittings

Steel & Stainless Steel Reinforced Fittings.

ABS plastic secondary cooling and refrigeration piping systems, contains pipe fittings valves and transition fittings, option for preinsulated pipe and fittings with outer jackets.

Pipe & Fittings Cement, Applicators, Clamps, U-Bolts, Rigid Pipe Clamps, Channel Framing, complete line of Plastic Fasteners, Plastic Nuts, Washers, Bolts, Screws, Stop-Lock Assemblies, Post Bases, Saddle Clips.

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Important key points:

  • Follow manufactures installation procedures and practices to ensure a safe system design and operation.
  • Double check that cements, primers and tools you are using are specifically designed for use with your system.
  • Follow proper solvent handling and storage of material.
  • Arrange for the proper handling and storage of materials.

If you would like a conveniet checklist to hang up, click on the image below.

USCO Plastics Piping Systems Saftey & Efficiency Checklist

Asahi America  Plastic Fittings
Asahi America
SPEARS Plastic Fittings
+GF+ George Fischer
+GF+ George Fischer
Harvel  Plastic Fittings
Chemtrol Plastic Fittings
Ameron  Plastic Fittings