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Plastic Pipe
Plastic Pipe - Fittings for all applications.

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Check our Catalog for the pipe that will meet your specifications and application. Plastic Pipe PVC Polyethylene PVDF Purad Pipe Fittings


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Applications: Water Systems, Construction & Excavations, Municipal Service Lines, Industrial Drainage, Sprinkler Systems, Irrigation, Air Conditioning, Submersible Pumps.

PVC Pipe
Applications: Corrosion Resistant, Water Service Lines, Water Systems, Construction & Excavations, Industrial Application, Irrigation, Swimming Pools, Sprinkler Systems, Well Pipe & Casing, Municipal Water Systems. Schedule 80, Schedule 40

ABS Pipe
Secondary cooling and refrigeration piping systems, contains pipe fittings valves and transition fittings, option for preinsulated pipe and fittings with outer jackets.
PVC Pipe
Applications: Residential, Commercial & Industrial Water Service Lines

PVDF - Purad
Applications: High Purity Systems, Ultra Pure Water Systems, RO Water, Chemical

Asahi/America Pipe Fittings - Double - Contained Pipe, Compressed Air Pipe, High Purity PVDF, High Purity PolyPure

Harvel CPVC, PVC, CPVC Pipe - Ultra Pure Water Systems, Clear PVC Pipe, Gray Industrial PVC, CPVC Pipe, Duct, Rod, Bar, Schedule-40, schedule-80, SDR21, SDR26, Custom Runs

Orion Acid Waste Polypropelene and PVDF Piping System

Ameron Pipe Fittings
- Industrial, Military & Environmental Systems, Fiberglass Pipe

+GF+ Georg Fishcer- COOL-FIT® ABS and COOL-FIT® ABS Plus; A Complete secondary refrigeration and cooling plastic piping system

+GF+ Georg Fishcer- PE100 Industrial Polyethylene
is the best all around product for your industrial process applications

Chemtrol Polypropylene, Polyolefin, PVDF Pipe - Chemical Resistant Black Polypropylene, Polyolefin Family of Plastics, PVDF, Red & Natural Kynar

Important key points:

  • Follow manufactures installation procedures and practices to ensure a safe system design and operation.
  • Double check that cements, primers and tools you are using are specifically designed for use with your system.
  • Follow proper solvent handling and storage of material.
  • Arrange for the proper handling and storage of materials.

If you would like a conveniet checklist to hang up, click on the image below.

USCO Plastics Piping Systems Saftey & Efficiency Checklist

Asahi America Pipe Fitting PVDF
Asahi America


George Fischer Piping Systems
Georg Fischer

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