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Plastic Tubing and Fittings
Plastic-Tubing-Hose Clear-Plastic-Tubing Square & Rectangular-Tubing
Plastic Tubing Clear Plastic Tubing Square Rectangular Tubing

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Find high performance plastic tubing for your demanding applications from the experts at F.W. Webb. We have a broad range of flexible plastic tubing products, engineered to meet specific user needs, including resistance to chemicals, temperature fluctuations and abrasion, as well as high purity and long service life.

Norprene - A-60-F Food Process Tubing - A-60-FI.B. Pressure Tubing Excellent for clean-in-place and sterilization systems. A-60-G Industrial Grade Tubing

PharMed Tubing - For Peristaltic and Cell Cultures

Fluran - Severe and Harsh environment tubing

Chemfluor - FEP Tubing Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene tubing - PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene Tubing - PFA Tubing - Perfluoroalkoxy Tubing

Finger Lakes Extrusion - PVC Clear Tubing

Parker - Parflex - Polyethylene Tubing & Polypropylene Tubing - Instrument Grade - Laboratory Grade Tubing

PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy) - This product line has a higher continuous service temperature than FEP, Melt processible - so it can be processed in longer continuous lengths than PTFE and has a Maximum working temperature 500┬░ F.

Zeus - With more than 40 years of experience with plastics, has become the internationally recognized leader in the design and production of high-performance polymer extrusions.

Parker Plastic Tubing Clear Plastic Tubing Square Rectangular Tubing
Parker Plastic Tubing Hose
Finger Lakes
Finger Lakes
Kuri Tec
Kuri Tec Corporation
Pacific Echo
Pacific Echo, Inc.
Gates Corporation

BANJO Plastic Tubing Clear Plastic Tubing Square Rectangular Tubing
BANJO Liquid Handling Products

Tylok Fittings & Valves
  Colder Product Plastic Tubing Clear Plastic Tubing Square Rectangular Tubing
Colder Products